Trusted Unmanned Solutions

Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs)

 Engineered for versatility, our USVs serve civil, research, and security/defense needs with enhanced efficiency and precision. Reliable and adaptable, they meet a broad spectrum of applications.

Black Sand Marine PRG-1

Industries Segments

Explore our range of Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) tailored for distinct market segments: Survey, Science, and Security/Defense. Each offers specialized capabilities to meet unique operational needs.

BlackSand USVs offer precise mapping and data collection for maritime and hydrographic applications, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in predictive and preventive maintenance.

Our Science USVs are engineered for environmental monitoring and oceanographic research, facilitating advanced data gathering in challenging marine environments.

Our USVs provide robust support for maritime security operations, including intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, with a low profile and multiple communication capabilities.

Trusted Unmanned Solutions
Target: Beyond worst-case scenarios

What we do

Hydrogen & Electric Vehicles

Specializing in advanced, high-tech, eco-efficient, and custom-built vessels with renewable propulsion options including solar/electric, hybrid, and hydrogen.

High Technology

Intelligent and multifunctional vessels, ocean data collection, and analytics systems that contribute to the development of a strategic and advanced industry.

Autonomous Navigation

Development of autonomous navigation systems that can also be remotely controlled and monitored in real time, using machine learning and artificial intelligence to maximize efficiency and safety in navigation.

Engineering & Assesment

First-class engineering and technical consulting, featuring extensive security systems and remote monitoring capabilities. Supports simultaneous multitask operations—surface, aerial, and underwater. Offers great versatility in energy industries, research, search and rescue, as well as intelligence and reconnaissance.

Superior Quality

Utilizing epoxy resins, carbon fiber, Kevlar, prepregs, Nomex, Twaron, PBO, flexC, carbon infusion… Cutting-edge aramids and composites are unbeatable in providing high technology and superior construction quality for the most advanced vessels.